As a visual artist, I believe one should always make time for personal projects that reflect themes or concepts that inspire you beyond work. Having the opportunity to photograph people or events in life that I find inspiring, endearing of simply soul fulfilling in an important reason why I left my full time job as a college professor to immerse in my creativity and choose to do this for a living. These galleries display the best of sessions I take just for the love of it, for how they make me feel as a woman, a mother, an art lover. 


With this series I intend to showcase the special connection, unbreakable bond that I believe defines little siblings, and shapes how they connect to others as they grow up. These lifestyle portraits of little sisters capture their personalities, the way they bond, those looks that express loudly how much they love each other, how happier their childhood is just because they are living it together. 


powerhouse mamas

A personal project I started to take portraits of strong independent mothers that I personally find inspiring, moms that influence, help, and support other moms and establish a tribe, a community where they find comfort and support, either online or in person.