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About The Artist

About The Artist


My name is Kay Anchante, and I am a life-long learner, book-lover, film-buff, and homeschool mama from Peru. I have a background in Communications, Journalism, TV and Photography, and almost 15 years ago I decided to leave my life down in the south to come to North America to pursue graduate studies. I went for a M.A. and Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies, and for 8 years I lived the academic life as a college professor and scholar.

In 2016 my family and I decided to move to sunny California, to live the entrepreneur life full time, chase our dreams of focusing on what we love 100%, and settle in a place we can call home without freezing during winters! I grew up in a big coastal urban city, and what I remember the most of my childhood years are so many days of just playing on the beach, strolling by the shore, countless sunsets that I want my children to enjoy too. The ocean was really calling me, and here I am, so happy in Socal!

I photograph what I love; I believe that to immerse myself in this art 100%, I must capture what catches my eye and my heart. I love people's faces, interactions, candid laughs and embraces that you would freeze in time if you could ; motherhood is so important in my life, a life-changing experience that leads me to photograph that mother-child connection whenever I can. Printed portraits, heirloom albums, photos on a wall, that is what I want to have and offer to other families, so they can cherish those moments when their children are not little anymore. I know I will spend many hours looking at my photo treasures. 

I love fashion and beauty - I could browse fashion magazines and come up with concepts and moldboards for hours, envisioning looks and atmospheres, having a great time with a creative team. I believe in the power of an image to persuade, to transmit a feeling and lifestyle, and that is why I also find commercial photography very interesting.