My name is Kay Anchante, and I am originally from Lima, Peru, but I have been living in the U.S. for 14 years. Most clients say they love how I make them feel beautiful and magical, and so real and authentic at the same time, and that makes me really happy. My friends might also say I can be quite goofy and a good-listener too. That is probably because I have lots of practice as the homeschool mom of two little ones who are the most important people of my life.

I would also describe myself as a life-long learner and an educator at heart. I have been a teacher of English, photography, TV production and Spanish - education is what actually brought me to the U.S., as I pursued graduate studies and become a college professor for more than a decade. Teaching and learning languages is so significant for me, because they are so important to immerse into cultures, to create true connections among people. And that is why I am also a Spanish language consultant, which allows me to keep helping people communicate, and translate literature (I absolutely LOVE reading).  

At this point in my life, my main focus is what makes me the happiest: I just love photographing people, I am passionate about spending time with my clients, capturing their (inner) beauty, glorious moments, and story-telling instants through my lifestyle photography. I Iove it because it allows me to help people preserve and remember this moment in their lives, so they can share it with their loved ones years ahead. I feel that having a client for life - a woman going through falling in love, getting married, being a mom, and finally having a beautiful family, are stages that are so rewarding to witness as a photographer.