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Jenny Rose Hutzler was the second mom I found when I first entered the mommy blogging world. Her Instagram account was introduced to me by my Mommy Diary friend Angela Kim, and her IG name just stuck in my head: Princess Turned Mom , "what a wonderful way of calling yourself" I thought, it was like the perfect pen-name, stepping from a magic world into the reality and wonder of being a mother. And when Angela told me Jenny Rose actually used to be a Disney princess, that was just the cherry on top. I had to meet this sweet woman who used to work in the happiest place on Earth, bringing joy and smiles to countless children. And now, with children of her own, this retired princess provides "encouragement for what happens after the happily ever after" through her blogging.  

How did you become interested in social media/blogging? 

I became interested in blogging when a friend suggested that other people would want to hear my stories, my tales of motherhood and life as a very honest mom of two little ones. I didn't do much research, but began my journey just as a way to write and share my life. It wasn't until more more recently (I have only been blogging since last July) that it has become a goal of mine to make it become more successful as far as allowing it to be an added income for my family. That goal has yet to happen, but a girl can dream! ;)

How do you find time to balance blogging/writing and mothering at the same time? Would you consider social media a big/important part of your life? Why?

I find it very difficult to find a good time to actually spend on blogging. I usually only write at night after the kids are in bed; usually from 9pm-12am (sometimes even later if I have a deadline). I try to write a new blog post once a week, but sometimes that doesn't even happen. I always put family first, they are my priority, but I would love to set aside a bit more time to write when I am not so tired! ;) haha! Social media is a huge part of what I do and allows me to make great connections with other bloggers and friends that are just interested in my blog. I love the people that I have met through social media, but I have to be honest and say that sometimes I have to do a bit of a detox and take a day off because it can become a little overwhelming at times.

What does blogging give you that you find attractive or compelling?

Blogging allows me to feel creative, it gives me an outlet to share my stories and to hopefully touch the lives of others. It gives me a sense of worth outside of being a wife and mom. 

What is it that you value the most of that amazing and big mama tribe that follows you on Instagram, writes comments, and reads your blog?

I value every single person who follows along on my journey. Every person that likes a picture, comments on a blog post, shares one of my stories with a friend is such a gem to me. Even if it's just one person that my post touched I know there was a reason that God had me write it. I truly cherish the tribe that encourages me and lifts my spirits even when I may be having an off day. The support in this community is amazing.

How do you think motherhood changed you?

I think motherhood changed almost everything about me. I learned what it truly means to love selflessly, forgive endlessly and give unconditionally. It is the hardest, but most rewarding job I have ever had and nothing could have prepared me for it.

Best part of being a mom? What do you want your children to learn form you?

Best part of being mom would definitely have to be seeing them learn and experience things for the first time. I love watching their eyes light up when they understand a new concept or watch something they have never seen. I want my children to learn to love. To love the way Jesus loves us. I want them to show love, give love and know that love has no boundaries. I want them to have a servant's heart and to think of others before they think of themselves. In the end I want them to know and love the Lord and to share that love with others <3