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Meeting the mom behind Lipgloss & Crayons felt like meeting super-mom, in the best way: Carly Anderson is a full-time teacher, successful blogger, fashion lover, and of course, dedicated mom to a sweet little toddler, Lydia. Just going over her Instagram feed will make you happy.  You will feel overjoyed by the vivid colors, the loving mom that is always in synch with her little girl, the fun and natural fashion flair they both have. Beyond that, Carly enjoys teaching as much as she does helping and supporting other moms and attending events that make a difference. I had to ask her how she manages to balance all while spending and enjoying as much time as possible with her little Lydia. Here's what she told me: 

How did you become interested in social media/blogging?

I actually had a blog before Lydia was born.  It was primarily a fashion blog, and was started by accident.  One summer vacation, I noticed a lot of my friends had family blogs.  Private blogs where they shared family events, trips, and such.  My husband and I were the last of that group of friends to get married and have children.  I wanted to participate, but obviously didn’t have kids.  Originally, I planned to start a teaching blog….I wanted to share lesson plans and activities from my classroom.  But, what teacher wants to write about school over summer break?  

What does blogging give you that you find attractive or compelling?

I love that blogging has allowed us to be part of a community that we love.  We get to connect with women and families all over the country.  Some of my closest friends are women who we have connected with because of the blog.

How do you find time to juggle blogging, attending events, teaching full time? and of course, mothering at the same time? Is there anything you would quit of all the things you do?

Ha! This is the hardest part.  I have to say, I’m a notorious overbooker.  I joke that during summer vacation, I’m a stellar blogger and parent (and wife).  I also joke that our schedule is like a house of cards, and if one thing goes awry we’re in big trouble!  I plan out our schedule (teaching, school for lydia, events, photo shoots, conference calls with brands, family time) weeks in advance and to be transparent we don’t have a lot of downtime.  However, all three of us enjoy everything we do.  Lydia loves photo shoots and going to events, and has developed friendships with a few of the other kids we see regularly in attendance. That said, my goal in 2016 was to say no more than I said yes. I wanted to protect out priorities and time together as a family.

What is it that you value the most of that amazing and big mama tribe that follows you on Instagram and reads your blog? 

These women? They are champions.  Despite vast difference in beliefs, parenting styles, living in different places…..they all value one thing — family.  They want to celebrate their children and enjoy life with them.  And that? Is pretty much the best thing ever.

How do you think motherhood changed you?

It’s so funny, I thought motherhood wouldn’t change me.  I was a teacher, I already worked with kids.  Now, I look back and laugh.  I think motherhood made me a more compassionate person.  It made me prioritize, it made me want to help create a world that I felt comfortable leaving to my daughter (it also made me drink a lot more coffee - ha)! 

Best part of being a mom? What do you want Lydia to learn from you?

I love that my daughter is her own person.  She’s hysterical.  She’s smart.  She’s constantly surprising me in the best possible way.  And I love that she makes me appreciate my own parents and the wonderful childhood they provided for my sister and myself.  I hope she learns the important of giving back and serving others.  My husband and I have made it a priority to serve our own communities in our lives, and one of our goals is that this is also a priority in Lydia’s life.  We have been blessed with so much, and we hope that she will be grateful for all of it <3