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One of the things I like the most about working on Velvet Violet Photography full-time is the fact that I can also develop personal projects, visual essays I always had in mind, but that I could not fulfill because of my previous job as a college professor. So, once we moved to Socal and as I started immersing myself more and more in social media, I started to discover all these local moms that besides their 24/7 mommy duties, also balanced being social influencers, creatives and entrepreneurs. I contacted a group of them, women who are very inspiring to me, and the first one to reach out was Erin Ziering. I was really surprised, as I always pictured her like a celebrity mom, with lots and lots of things to do everyday. She showed me how down-to-earth of a woman she is, showing enthusiasms for my project, suggesting to grab a coffee and talk about it, get to know each other before doing the interview and shooting. Right from the start she made clear how important it is to her to support other moms, to inspire and help others through her brand and her mothering experiences. What came next was me being literally At Home With The Zierings, meeting her little family and falling in love with her adorable daughters Mia and Penna. Here's what she shared with me about her experience as a mother and social influencer.   

How did you become interested in social media/blogging?

I became interested in social media and blogging when two girlfriends of mine suggested that I should share my mothering advice and family tips online. Neither of them were in the social media world to offer guidance, so I started doing my own research and following other people on social media that inspired me.

 What does blogging give you that you find attractive or compelling?

Blogging gives me an outlet to share, communicate and support. I love interacting with others and letting other families that they may not be alone when it comes to certain topics. 

How do you find time to balance blogging/writing content for your website/ attending events, AND mothering at the same time? Would you consider social media an important part of your life? Why?

I always make sure that mothering is my number 1 priority. Without focusing first on that, my advice and lifestyle posts wouldn't be authentic. Social media is an important part of my life because it is apart of our brand. It is a platform to reach out and hopefully inspire others. 

What is it that you value the most of that amazing and big mama tribe that follows you on Instagram, reads your blog, and most lately, watches you on Facebook Live?

I love the mama tribe that follows our adventures and stories. I value their opinions and advice and hopefully can always find ways to support them. 

How do you think motherhood has changed you?

Before I was a mother, I was a full time nurse working in different hospitals from Ohio to LA.  I was working in a field with mostly women. I was always nurturing, but I didn't truly try to understand the women I worked with. I guess the biggest difference from then and now is that I try to understand the women around me. I try to always be supportive and listen better.  I want to empower others and show my daughters how they can make the world around them better by supporting and helping others. 

Best part of being a mom? What do you want your daughters to learn from you?

The best part of being a mom is giving love and hope to my children. I hope they learn how to be kind to others and to have courage in difficult situations. I want them to be compassionate like I was as a nurse and to remember to take care of themselves and the world around them. I have so many dreams for them and I hope to help them reach all of theirs <3