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Meeting and photographing couples is like experiencing falling in love over and over again. I am happily married and I love my kids to the moon and back, but these portrait sessions always take me back to when my beloved husband and I first fell for one another; they make me live again that kind of thrill you experience when you discover that your best friend is also the love of your life, and you just cannot imagine what it would be like not to be together.

Emma and Jared were just meant to share a life, and a dog! They met about 4 years ago, and after working together, their relationship turned into a close friendship. Soon they found out all of their goals and dreams were very similar. They started living together, they adopted a dog, and even though they are not engaged - yet - they live a life of commitment, love and respect as if they were already married. "We have talked about kids and marriage and one day soon we will, but even without having a ring and a license, I feel we already act as we are married and it's probably not possible to have the love with him with anyone else," Emma told me. I definitely felt that when I saw them so connected during our session; the look in their eyes, their body language as he made her laugh again and again. He makes her feel safe and the happiest she's ever felt: "The feeling I get when i'm with him is the most warm, safe and loving feeling. I know he is my rock as I am his and he accepts all my complete craziness too." I hope you enjoy the moments I captured, can you feel the love in the air?