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First time blogging, and I feel nervous despite the fact that so much has happened in my life during this year, and I have plenty of material in my mommy head to talk about. House is finally unpacked, homeschool started, and now I get to be my own boss and work from home full-time. I dreamed about it for so long, and it always sounded amazing, challenging, scary, rewarding, so many feelings, so many things to juggle with. But we finally did it. And I am here now, writing my first blog post, really inspired by my surroundings, my community, and so many powerful moms who are business owners here in Southern California. I feel like whenever and wherever I decide to drive and photograph - Los Angeles, Orange County (love all the beach cities!), Oceanside, or San Diego, to name a few places I've been too lately - it will be easy to connect and find inspiration and encouragement just by following other strong independent mamas. I am inspired by women who decided to make their own businesses, take this social media monster by the horns and put it to good use, reaching out and connecting with many more people they never thought they could reach.

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph mom blogger "Mommy Diary" Angela Kim and her children this past week. She has a successful heartfelt blog about "mothering with soul and intention," and from the first post I read, I got hooked. She is such an amazing person, she keeps it real, she talks about her feelings and experiences as a mother in a way that for other moms like me, might be not so easy to put in writing, even less to say it out loud. So when she opened her home to me, and let me peek into her mommy world for a few hours, I was delighted to see that she is just exactly what her writing shows of her: humble, supportive, authentic, and stylish (beautiful mama!). Angela has three children: Elle, Tess, and little Declan. Her hands are full, it gets really busy I am sure, and she doesn't sleep much this days, but she had this gentle smile that just made me feel I was with a long time friend. So here's the in-home lifestyle Mommy and Me session of a California mom who really knows how to connect: her children, her home, her business, her mom community, all of them are taken care of with love and attention, and I have to figure out how she does it! I will be interviewing her soon as part of a Power SoCal Mommies Photographic Series I plan to develop in the next few moms. I hope you enjoyed the portraits as much as I did taking them.